Planting seeds towards a healthier future.

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ABUNDANT SEEDS ACADEMY is the perfect place for you!  

The academy is dedicated to the advancement of people through knowledge, power, growth and empowerment.  Enriching lives to create generational health is our goal.     

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When a seed is planted, nourished and fed, then it grows, reproduces and keeps going.  This is the exactly mission behind the academy. -Alvionna

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About Alvionna Brewster

Alvionna Brewster, MSN-Ed, RN is a registered nurse , international speaker, author, mentor and consultant. Her passion is in seeing people live out their purpose, fulfill their dreams and live life more abundantly.

For more information visit www.alvionnabrewster.com

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Alvionna’s book course really gave me the knowledge, resources and tools to actually publish my book. She gave a pretty detailed account of prices and things to expect so you can plan and save for this project. After taking this course, I am confident that I can tell my story and not have stress or worry trying to publish it. Also, I know that I need to protect my baby (my book) and I know how to go about doing so.” ― Danielle Bryant, BSN, RN
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